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Global Learning for Sustainability(GLS)  is a girls' and young women ,  youth-led Organisation founded in 2015   to respond to the growing number of youth whose inability to develop life skills is the major cause of challenges they face. At the height of poor life skills youth cannot address their challenges, some, beyond their control-and yet others are directly under their control.  GLS  is  registered with Uganda N.G.O service bureau as a local N.G.O with a charity status  .With a renewed vision, GLS is premised on advocating for integration and Implementation of SDGs in school and community settings through global education approaches to achieving a sustainable world at community, national and global level to specially address challenges affecting young people globally; hence the belief that: “There is nothing for young people without Young People” Through Diversity & Inclusion strategies ,GLS focuses its programmes o…

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A generation skilled to lead Individual,community and global change


To support and ensure that young women and girls have opportunities to acquire global skills, learn from one another, and work together to solve common global challenges.

  • To engage young people in addressing global challenges that impend socio-economic development.
  • To equip the young generation with life skills for positive behavioural change in the eradication and prevention of HIV and AIDS, and other related health challenges.
  • To contribute towards achievement of SDGs for survival, capacity development and quality life of all young people especially women and girls To promote global understanding and citizenship and bridge the gap of global skills among youth through modern technology.
  • To advocate for positive educational and social outcomes of all youth in institutions of learning by mentoring them to be first class world citizens and professionals.
  • Innovation: Global Learning for Sustainability(GLS) Uganda seeks new ways to achieve our objectives to generate extraordinary results by creatively finding solutions to growth and development.
  • Excellence: GLS seeks to provide relevant and timely youth services that reflect our commitment to empower our clients to be global citizens.
  • Team work: Team work is a principle that leads to achievement of organisational goals and objectives both short and long term. A such GLS enjoys working as a team through strategic partnerships and volunteerism in all our activities.
  • Equality and Equity: As a women-led organisation, we promote and advocate for gender responsive programmes that ensure that all people have the right to be treated in a non-discriminatory and non-judgemental manner.


Global Education and citizenship

We live in one BIG world hence sharing common problems and at the same time co-existing under different social and cultural dimensions. We advocate …

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Human Rights advocacy and education

GLS implements programs that create awareness about human rights issues to promote peace and tolerance in our communities and workplaces. We believe …

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Life Planning

Youth are taken into sessions on life planning where they are helped to formulate, set goals and given life skills to achieve the set goals. The …

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Capacity building and internship

To support young people on the path of economic achievement and employment while at the same time meeting their immediate  needs, GLS, strives to …

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A team of dedicated experienced professionals.

Namutebi Bernah Namatovu

M & E Technical support staff

Prudence Kansiime

Programme Associate

Harriet Mukajambo

Executive Director/Founder

Brenda Bonabaanna

Inclusion Advocate and Representative for PWDs,GLS Board of Directors

Ronald Katushabe

Secretary Board of Directors

Moses Kisakye

Formerly Secretary, Board of Directors( 2018-2020)

Hellen Nampijja

Chairperson, Board of Directors

Stephen Sekabira

Member, Board of Directors

Elizabeth Mbolanyi

Treasurer, Board of Directors

Harriet Mukajambo

Founding Executive Director